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Together with your colleagues, you work on a sustainable future every day. The innovations involved presents you with major challenges. Challenges you are directly involved in as Financial Controller. Because when it comes to finance, you are the business partner within Huhtamaki Fiber Technology. Colleagues like to get your feedback and you are always at the table when major investments are decided, because you know the risks and the story behind the numbers. Thanks to your advice to management, you can continue to grow and work on sustainable packaging. You are also constantly working on the personal development of your team members and working together on the most beautiful projects. For you, this is the perfect combination: impact at the table and helping people grow. You realise how great your job is and it makes you proud to be working with your colleagues at Huhtamaki Fiber Technology toward a better future: a plastic-free future.

Let us introduce ourselves first

We are Huhtamaki Fiber Technology, the international R&D centre and the machine developer of the big packaging concern Huhtamaki. Full of passion for our work, we develop machine lines that make it possible to produce sustainable packaging, for example for the food sector. We have a modern test centre, a pilot plant and various other departments all under one roof. With us, everything is about innovation, sustainable innovation! Not just because our clients and end users from the global retail market ask for this every day, but also because we ourselves strive for a world with sustainable packaging materials. A good example of the work we do is our Fresh project, for which we developed fully compostable packaging for ready meals. And the best thing is: this packaging comes with 82% less CO2 emission and no plastic waste. We make a difference, and we are proud of that!

What does your working day look like?
It is 7:30 on Thursday morning when you get into the car to go to work. Once in the office, you grab a cup of coffee and check your mail. Then you take a moment to speak to your team of finance professionals. You discuss deadlines for month-end closes and they proudly show you some new reports, after which you discuss some ongoing improvements and projects. At 10:30 you have a meeting with your manager to discuss all projects, risks and estimated results for the month and year. You go over the story behind the numbers with your manager so that he can go into the MT meeting well prepared. After lunch, you have another appointment to give advice on an important investment. The investment can pay off handsomely, but it is also risky. As Financial Controller, you carefully weigh all the risks against the potential benefits. After this consultation, you have another phone appointment and answer some emails. At 15:00, you have a meeting scheduled with your team. Every week, you meet to go over all the ongoing issues, such as: Power BI, reporting, budgeting and cost management. Afterwards, you walk past the General Manager who asks you to prepare a capital application to secure funds for the development of a new technology. You have agreed to do this the following week, after you have gathered all the information from different departments to build the business case that justifies the investment. After a good meeting, you get in the car and drive home satisfied. How cool is it that you have so much impact and that colleagues really see you as a business partner? This is exactly the feeling you were looking for when you started applying for a job at Huhtamaki. You look forward to all the upcoming projects.

Perhaps you are also glowing right now, because you recognize yourself in this story. In that case, it will get even more interesting for you below.  


What else comes up in your position?
As a Financial Controller, you enjoy dealing with complex issues. You are analytical and able to translate your findings and opinions to all departments. With you, it's all about the story behind the numbers. At the financial level, you are the expert within the organization. Colleagues do not hesitate to come to you, and vice versa. Your experience enables you to prepare the department for the next step. As a Financial Controller, you will bring overview, structure and process optimisations to the financial administration of our growing organization. You also supervise (complex) financial projects, know how to translate managers' wishes well and actively help them come up with solutions. You are independent and know better than anyone how to move within a dynamic organization.


What are you aiming for?
You are a true business partner to the internal organization. Colleagues see you as the link between operations and finance. You want to take your department and your people to the next level. And you go the extra mile to provide managers with good information so they can make the right decisions. This means you go home with a good feeling after your working day.




What we ask of you

  • You have a financial education at the higher vocational level;
  • You have at least 5 years of experience as a Financial Controller and are ready for the next step;
  • You are calm and poised;
  • You have strong analytical insight;
  • You are able to think and act independently;
  • You write and speak English fluently.


Do you have the following competencies?

  • You are assertive and result oriented. You come up with new ideas and work hard for them, you persevere until the optimal result is achieved.
  • You have strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Without effort, you translate findings into concrete advice.
  • You have communication skills and know how to properly translate things to your internal colleagues, thus creating clarity.
  • You are good at anticipating developments and assessing risks.
  • Through your way of communicating, you know how to get people on board. You can quickly and easily switch between interacting with different people within our organization.




What do we offer you?

  • As Financial Controller you will be employed by us directly, we like to bind good people;
  • Your salary – based on the gravity of the position and your experience – will be between €67,500 and €90,000 per year based on 40 hours per week, including 8% holiday allowance and a 13th month;
  • The space and freedom to continue to develop yourself (courses/training) in an organization that continues to innovate. At Huhtamaki Fiber Technology, we never stand still;
  • A challenging and independent position with a lot of responsibility, within an organization with a great future and impact on a better environment;
  • Collegial and energetic colleagues who enjoy working with you to make the world a little more sustainable.


Why should you seize this opportunity? Because:

  • Huhtamaki Fiber Technology is part of the Huhtamaki Group, one of the world's leading players in the packaging industry. Because we are at the forefront of innovation, we have a big impact;
  • You want to work for an innovative company. A company that leads the way in solving the plastic problem and believes and invests in a world with sustainable packaging materials;
  • You give your own interpretation to this position. You do it your way, results are paramount. You will have opportunities to grow within the organization;
  • The position of Financial Controller at Huhtamaki Fiber Technology will make your career shine and you will learn new things every day. You can proudly say that you are working toward a brighter future.


For questions about the position and/or the procedure, please contact Sandra Monsma (Consultant at Huhtamaki Fiber Technology) at 06-15575135.


For all of our vacancies, we work together intensively and exclusively with Effectus-HR. Thanks to the expertise they bring, we are convinced that we will find the right candidate for this vacancy. That is why unsolicited candidate introductions are not appreciated. Huhtamaki Fiber Technology does not accept unsolicited help from agencies. CVs sent by agencies without search query from the HR department will be regarded as property of Huhtamaki Fiber Technology. No fee will be paid if the candidate in question is hired by Huhtamaki Fiber Technology as a result of this reference or via other means.


Sandra Monsma

Consultant Huhtamaki

Hello, I am Sandra. As a consultant it is my goal to find the right person for this great job. Are you the perfect match? I look forward to receiving your application and who knows, we might meet up soon. Then I'll be happy to tell you more about this job and Huhtamaki.

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